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This subject covers the use of personal computers in terms of their hardware and software in theory and its usage through hands-on. The students will be exposed to the computer hardware, such as input-output devices, system unit, secondary storage, communication media and its component, internet technologies and current issues in Information Technology. In the aspect of hands-on, student will be exposed to the system and application software such as windows operating system, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, Internet web browser, search engine, email and messaging.
This course is an introductory course. It requires the students to acquire and apply knowledge of creativity and innovation, including the concepts, processes, tools
and techniques
This module is designed to expose the students the art of procuring, developing and maintaining competent workforce to achieve the goals of an organization in an efficient manner.

It deals with issues related to people such as staffing, job analysis, recruitment, selection, human resource planning, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation and benefits, safety and health and internal employee relation.
This course introduces students to sports media as a medium of communication. In addition, students will learn how the media plays the role in sports industry.
This course is designed to expose students to human anatomy. It is good for students to understand human anatomy-related sports injury, sport massage and critical disease.

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