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This course is important in order to recognize and understand closely e-commerce and how it is managed and also identify e-commerce chances, limitations, issues and risks. Students are exposed to the buying and selling transactions related to electronic communications and obtaining information. It covers about learning, e-government and others.

At the end of the course the students will be able to:
CLO1 - Explain the basic concepts of e-commerce, e-commerce framework, component, mechanism, laws and ethics, cybercrime and other aspects related to E-Commerce. (C2)
CLO2 - Choose an e-commerce website and explain the shopping process experienced and the impression about the website. (C2)
CLO3 - Choose an online services website for employment, travelling or banking and explain with screenshot the facilities and functions provided by the website. (C2)
CLO4 - Work in team to develop and present an e-commerce website that use e-commerce tools. (C3)

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