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This course introduces students to event management and focuses on the details required when planning a specific events, beginning with research into selecting the right event themes, site selection, task and responsibility checklist, organizational committee structures, budgeting, advertising and promotion, and event administration.
This course is introducing the concepts and theories that applications in sports psychology. This course is designed to support the program to full fill requirement in sports management.
this module is an introductory level where students will learn the relevant rules and principles involved in partnership and registered companies.
This Course is an English course that will be focusing on the writing, speaking, listening and reading skills. The course will have field trip, forum presentation as well as listening test apart from the final examination as assessment.
Study Skills is designed to help students improve their study skills and develop their ability to use it. This subject is also geared to provide the students with the awareness on the knowledge and tools that the students need in order to build the skills for lifelong learning. In addition, it will guide the students in understanding what they can do to be more efficient and effective learner. The learning strategies taught in this course are meant to be used for learning tasks in class, work and in their personal lives.
Kursus pengajian Islam disediakan untuk melahirkan warganegara, khususnya pelajar Islam yang faham akan tasawwur Islam sebagai satu cara hidup yang bersepadu dan seimbang serta berupaya menghadapi pelbagai masalah dan cabaran.

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