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Membincangkan konsep dan prinsisp asas keusahawanan Islam dan hubungannya dengan ad din,sejarah perkembangan, keadilan dan kelebihannya menurut al Quran dan Hadis. Juga membincangkan ciri dan tanggungjawab seorang ushawan Islam. Menyentuh juga sumbangan usahawan kepada pembangunan sosial dan ekonomi negara. Turut mengupas isu-isu keusahawanan Islam semasa.
This course is designed basically to develop students with a strong understanding of industry related to sports and the ability to apply it at higher learning or in their career.
Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:
1 - describe the basic cost concepts of cost & management accounting and its classifications in manufacturing companies.
2 - apply costing techniques, methods and format to determine total cost and NOI to make short term decision making for planning and controlling purposes.
3 - work in team to prepare and present product cost and budgeting process.
Apply basic mathematics skill as required to all applications (C3)

Solve linear equations, formulate linear programming problems and use the graphical method to find the maximum profit or minimum cost (C3).
Apply business mathematics formula to find the solution for business computing problems (C3).

Use the results of mathematical calculations to help evaluate various options in reaching financial decisions (C4).
This course/module requires students to practice correct grammatical accuracy in their language use. Besides that, the students need to apply the skills and strategies in reading, principles of essay and summary writing. The students also require to differentiate important ideas and taking notes during listening activities. Lastly, students need to develop communication ability when conducting group discussions and presentations.

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