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This course is designed to provide students with importance areas of creative and innovation, which are closely related to entrepreneurship. Student will learn on how to generate new and creative ideas and how to be creative and innovative at individual and organizational level. This will help students to gain basic knowledge in methods and tools used during creativity and innovation processes.
This course is to introduce the students with the major aspects of learning English skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing with major emphasis on grammar on a basic level. The classroom activities are conducted in a manner that enables the incorporation of all skills. It is designed to expose the standard of English usage in classrooms. This module also exposes students with appropriate conversation/interaction skills which allow them to present ideas effectively in group discussion.
This course is design to exposed students to human anatomy. it is good for students to understand human anatomy-related sports injury, sports massage and critical diease
This course will acquaint students with additional knowledge about issues and methodology use in financial accounting related to service and merchandise business.

This course introduces the students to the basic concepts of management accounting and cost accounting. Students will be exposed to the ways of determining product costs, cost-volume-profit analysis, marginal and absorption costing, job order costing and process costing, standard costing, variance analysis and budgeting.


The objective of this course is to enable the student to apply the cost and management accounting information in planning, controlling and decision making process.


Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:
CO1- explains the differences between cost and management accounting and
financial accounting and describes its role in the management process.
CO2- distinguishes among product cost and period cost.
CO3- applies cost volume profit analysis in a single product setting.
CO4- explains the cost behavior and applies the method of high-low and least
square to separate the mixed cost.
CO5- describes and prepares the concepts, terminologies and methods in
product costing (JOC, PC, SC, VC and AC).
CO6- prepares a master budget and identifies its major components.
This course is designed to build students’ confidence in using English language so that it can be used effectively in any situation. The topics of this subject will be varied which cover communication skills, visual communication and presentation techniques inclusive of verbal and non-verbal communication. The objectives of this course/module are for students to write error- free sentences and use speaking / communication skills effectively in conversations, discussions and presentations. Other than that, students need to think critically and creatively in problems solving situation and when creating creative logo, leaflets and advertisements for their final project. Lastly, students need to develop communication ability by conducting group discussions and present their product demonstration persuasively.
At the end of the semester students should be able to:
i. practice effective communication and listening skills in group discussion.
ii. apply appropriate methods and skills in writing.

iii. conduct presentation confidently.
iv. design and produce product, advertisement ,logo and leaflet creatively.
v. show persuasive and informative product demonstration
This course is designed to overcome and provide remedial to students’ weaknesses in the use of English language. It focuses on the major aspects of learning English mainly grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing. This is to prepare them when they enter the second level of the curriculum in the program. The classroom activities are conducted in a manner that enables the incorporation of all skills. This course/ module requires students to apply correct English grammar rules in their real life setting. In addition students need to employ the reading and writing skills by using effective principles and techniques. Next, students need to identify important ideas, paraphrasing and note-taking during listening activity. Lastly, the students also need to develop communication ability when conducting group discussions in language project and role play presentations.

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